This Will Come Back To Haunt Me

by Light Years

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released September 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Light Years Ohio

Rude Records

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Track Name: Biographies
Another chance
Another day
Still can't learn from my mistakes
I made so long ago

All I am
A common kid
The same person I've always been
And I can't let go
So I'm not alone

Leave it up to me to
up everything
I just needed space to breathe
Before these walls suffocate me
Track Name: Nobody's Listening
On my feet
This is my life
This my last chance to come clean
For everything I did

Looks like we'll never learn
Sounds like we haven't heard a word
But if we're who we say we are
Should have been
Old enough to know

I finally
Looked around me
Realized there was nothing to see
I can only blame myself

Looks like we'll never learn
Sounds like we haven't heard a word
But if we're who we say we are
Should have been

Old enough to know
Which way we should turn at the end of the road
Old enough to know
We can say what we want cause
Nobody's listening to us

Seven more years
Where will I be
The clock is ticking
And I'm not ready to leave
Track Name: Sleepwalking
Neck deep in this mess
I can't complain because I'm part of it
There's no way out but further down
And I'm not worried yet

If we go down in flames
At least we found out place
With the rest of the world

Stuck in the day to day
I gotta get my head on straight
Cause it's just so hard to survive
If I mess it up now
I'll see you in another life

Can't remember who we are
Sleepwalk through the dark
And If we're not close enough
I'll take my chances now

Don't look back because life moves on
Track Name: Would/Wouldn't
I can't slow down
No one here can help me now
Another face lost in another crowd
If I knew then what I know now
It probably wouldn't stop me

Every night I'll be forgetting your name
And this smile is getting harder to fake
Old habits aren't easy to break
And I don't think I'll ever change

My mind's made up
And one night is good enough
I'm not gonna try and keep in touch
Cause there's no one I can trust
I hope one day I'll find you

Is this
Is this the best it can get
Is it the best it will get?

I can't wait any longer
Just counting the days
I can't wait any longer
Every night is still the same
Track Name: People I Used To Know
The sun hasn't set on us yet
Blame it on distance or people around us
Who says that we have to forget
Trying my hardest to reach out again

And all the sidewalks and buildings we know
Our favorite songs played over and over again

Places I never want to go
Watch as all my friends change into people I used to know
Every sunset
I can't catch my breath
Went to place I'd never want to go

Summer was just out of reach
I'll beat my heart out
Until I'm underground
If it were all up to me
We'd storm through the nights like we'd never need sleep again

This is where our memories will end
Our favorite songs played over and over

Here's to hoping for a better year
All we can do is try
Track Name: World Burns Out
I got this feeling
Like a weight on my chest
Filled with every regret I have

I keep on thinking
That I'm not part of this
And I tried to convince myself

I keep on breaking
All of my bones
And I'm not even close to the end

I've been waiting
At the end of my rope
And it's starting to show on my face

In two years a lot can change
You can see it on my face
It gets worse with everyday
Nothings left
It's too late

I hope we don't have to live forever
I'll stand by your side and watch the world burn out
Track Name: Ghost Stories
I can't say I didn't see this coming
I can't remember what it is I'm running from
Everything I did came back to haunt me
So lock the doors
Draw the blinds
So I can rest my eyes

It's too late to play it safe
With life moving this fast
People change
As they grow old
We all will die
Or so I'm told
But we'll live our lives
Just the way we want

I like to pretend that I'm clever
But everyone around me knows me better
Please don't remind me forever
Of what I should have done
Or could have been
Cause now I'm fucking lost

To my younger years
I just closed my eyes and they disappeared
Someday I'll get out of here
That's what you want to hear