Just Between Us

by Light Years

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Upcoming EP


released March 10, 2012



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Light Years Ohio

Rude Records

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Track Name: To Live and Die
A thousand miles from home
A million more to go.
I can't keep my eyes open tonight
But at least I tried.

Watch it all fly by
The best years of my life.
We never stood a chance but I guess we
Knew it all along

I got a lot to say
But I can't make a sound
One day I'll fade away
Buried underground

This is the life we lead
Like sailors lost at sea
Signed up for this
To go down with the ship
So hold your breath

Waiting for the fall
If it ever comes at all
Cross my heart and hope
I'm not the only one to die alone

Is this what you expected
From the lessons
You never got to learn.
It's hard to imagine
The better it gets
The more it starts to hurt.
Track Name: Scavengers
One more step
Out of line
Over my head
And out of time
I wish that I could blame this all on you.

Everything that I had
Watched it slip right through my hands.
Not a thing that I could do.

There's a weight on my shoulders,
It holds me down.
How I hate growing older,
Let's turn around.

I push it all to the back of my mind
So it kills me for the rest of my life
I don't want let this go
I'm too scared to let this go.
I was told it gets better in time
So far luck hasn't been on my side
I don't want to let this go
I'm too scared to let this go.

Remember when,
Being Kids
Living life
Throw caution to the wind.

Moving on
Cutting ties
Burning bridges with my former life
How can I make it up to you.

The signs that lead the way,
They're all falling down
Track Name: Evidence
No hope, no common sense
I can't avoid the evidence
That's always trying to convict me

I swear in my defense
I dont have time to make amends
With all of the friends I've lost.

I'm sick of fucking this up
It's the last thing I need
We all turn to dust
So just forget about me
Track Name: Liar
I hear your heavy heart
It follows me around no matter where you are
I don't think that you know
That the worst is yet to come
And I'm not worried
I'll just keep holding on

I got this old guitar
To spill out my insides and heal my scars
That no one ever sees
But if I'm too scared to move
I'll never leave here
I'll never leave again

Wasting my time always running in circles
I got a lot to learn
Tried to convince you that nobody's perfect
I don't think you heard.

I'm a LIAR
I twist my words because the truth hurts
I'm growing tired
Of always chasing after you
Track Name: Feet First
Wait inside for the storm to pass by
It's hard to hide when the lightning strikes
I close my eyes
And dream of the plans I'll make
It's no surprise
That we will never see eye to eye

I wasn't born to be a saint
I wasn't born to be anything
So what would you want from me

Came so close
Still so empty
What I love most
Is killing me
I hope you know
That this is my last farewell
Before I go
These are the secrets I can't show

I hope I land on my feet
Cause where I stand
I can't see anything