I Won't Hold This Against You

by Light Years

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Available for purchase through Paper and Plastick records


released June 18, 2013

Produced by Will Yip



all rights reserved


Light Years Ohio

Rude Records

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Track Name: Uphill Battles
I've been hearing things
That make me feel like fucking dying
There's no more honesty
Just stolen words everyone's heard
but you're not fooling me

I wish that you could see
How hard these past few years have been
I've given everything
To be criticized
Pushed aside
I won't go quietly

There's a fire in my chest
It's burning me
But I don't want to put it out

Impossible to stomach this
Only lies and emptiness
Impossible to stomach you
And everything you do

Can you see my battle scars
Covering my heart
Track Name: Parking Lots
I remember it well
All those nights where we didn't care
If we even lived to tell
Our stories for another year

Do you recall the parking lot
we hung out
in the town that we grew up
Not being held responsible
for all of the shit
we used to do

And now there's nothing left to hide behind
And I've got nothing to show
And now there's nothing left for you and I
So I'm just letting it go

Before my past comes crawling back through my front door
I'll spend the rest of my days and nights
Just hoping for something more

Do you ever miss
the parking lots
we hung out
in the town that we grew up
Not being held responsible
for all of the shit
we used to do

We lost everything
We said
Would stay the same
Everything I loved
has slipped away
Track Name: Nice To Know You
I've been hiding out
The four white walls of my basement
Keep me safe from sounds
That remind me of the times
That aren't coming back

I better write this down
Before it gets lost in my memory
That's so clouded now
With the thoughts of all the things I used to be

I'm sure you've heard it all
Admit that you were wrong
I'm sure you've heard it all

Well I tried to save your soul
But I lost it on the road
Somewhere between your home
And the West Coast
So nice to know you
It's been nice to know you

I've been finding out
There isn't much to see
once I'm underground
There's nothing in this world that could bring me back

We had the highest hopes
Watched them all go up in smoke
And float away like ghosts
Of all the people I'll never know

There's nothing in this world that could bring me back
Track Name: Put Myself Together
These days
All start to feel the same
Another year has passed me by
And nothing much has changed
But over and again
I tried to cut the weight off of my legs
But ended up further down instead

The truth cuts straight to the bone
And it hurts worse than I've ever known

I see all my dreams
Just out of my reach
Passed right through my fingers
And fell down to my feet
But I don't have the strength to pick them up
It's becoming clear
I've all but given up

Let me stay for a while
So I can put myself together
Track Name: Throwing My Life Away
I keep having these dreams
Every night I sleep
Don't know what they mean
Trapped in the house where I lived
When I was just a kid
And I cant escape

No sign of the end
Just my greatest regrets
And oldest friends
Who all left me behind
I never made up my mind
Or any sense

But if the writing's on the wall
I just didn't see
I was stood up on my date
With destiny

I'm sick of throwing my life away
Sick of all of the things that I can't change
Sick of having to live this way
Watching my dreams go down the drain

I've got these holes in my heart
They match the ones in my head
But I don't mind
Cause every now and again
I like to pretend
That I'm alright

They say the hardest part of life is growing up
And from all that I did I've had enough
But the world won't stop spinning
And I'm just here wishing it would stop
Track Name: Deadlines
Well the chip on my shoulder
Isn't getting any smaller
I keep running round in circles
To get it to fall off but it's here to stay

I fucking hate whats overrated
And feeling so fucking jaded
I keep running out of patience
With everyone around me

I wish I was still 18
And life was like a movie
Cause then I'd never have to leave
But now I'm getting close to 30
And life keeps playing dirty
It makes it hard to breathe

These days keep getting shorter
I'm not getting any younger
My best years are behind me
Lost and gone forever

Your life is so boring
Yeah I can relate
Track Name: Ringing In My Ears
They say
All good things must end
So why should I bother
Letting them begin
Yeah I'm a pessimist
Apathetic, and arrogant
But that's who I've always been

I hear your voice
Ringing in my ears
Even though I try to block you out
It's been way too long
Living in the dark
Hiding from everything I've done

There's a time and place for everything
And I would give up anything
To have another chance

And I know they're making room in hell for us
Track Name: Hindsight
And to be honest
I never quite knew what to say
As I look back on this
There's so much I'd like to change

I run my hand across my father's grave
And I realize we all end the same
So why am I so afraid
To take a chance and risk
Before it all gets swept away

And to be honest
Happiness is hard to find
But you always told me
That you wanted me to try
Track Name: Us Vs Them
I hope this road
Is headed towards my home
I lost all direction long ago
And where I am nobody knows

Back and forth
Start again
It's always us vs all the rest
The way its always been
It never ends

I always though I had a plan
Turns out I just had nothing but a bad excuse
To lose myself again

Everybody seems to know my story
But no one in this world knows where I'm going

So I drive and try to hide
from all the things I left behind
I feel them catching up to me
I know it's catching up

The way
You look at me
Like I'm something hard to see
The way you say my name
It's been killing me

I'm waiting on my only saving grace
Track Name: Float
Well I found you
Out past the setting sun
All around you
The mess that you've become

So cut your ties and learn to float
And let the current take you home
Keep your eyes closed
Until you reach the shore

Well I found you
In the places we used to love
All around you
Pictures of when you were young

So cut your ties and learn to float
And let the current take you home
Keep your eyes closed
Until you reach the shore

But it's impossible to know
How far down we must go
Before we reach the end
Of everything we know
Track Name: The War Inside My Head
I can't count the times
That I swore this was the last time
Easier to lie
Than to swallow all of my pride

The war inside my head is almost won
But the damage has been done
To the person I was running fom
All along
No signs of getting better
No signs of slowing down
If this is how it ends
Then count me out

Tell myself I'm fine
And that someday I'll get over it
Read between the lines
I'm worse than I've ever been

In the back of my mind
The only place I still see you
It gets harder each time
That I try to forget you
Track Name: I Wont Hold This Against You
Show me what it's like
To not second guess
Everything you've done
And Everything you haven't yet

This is the end
And I just can;'t keep searching
To find out who I really am

So go run to the coast
Cause you think you know
Something that I don't know

But it's all the same to me
Where the hell did I go wrong
And it's all a game to me
But the past is the past
And I can't seem to let it be

So listen up
It's not your fault
That everything you say
Is taken with a grain of salt

Here's your curtain call
Try and soak it in
Cause one day this will all be gone

I won't hold this against you