by Light Years




released 09 September 2014



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Light Years Ohio

Paper and Plastick Records


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Track Name: My Whole Life
Say Goodbye
Because I'm running out of time
Things didn't end the way I always thought they would
I close my eyes
And let my whole life pass me by

Once and a while I go back
Retrace my steps to find
How much has changed in the blink of an eye
But my apathy will be the death of me
I don't care about anything at all anymore

I think back to your first car
Sitting in your driveway
Outside your parents house till 3 am
If you could talk to me now what would you say
I don't think you'd even like to meet the person I became

It's all that I can do to stop fading away

I let my whole life pass me by
Track Name: Fall Apart
Where did you go
I can't seem to find you
I've given up hope
Things will ever be okay
Cause all you ever needed
Was just another problem
I'm hearing all your secrets
Yeah they crawl under my skin and eat me alive

I watched it fall apart
Over and again
I wish I was the song that was stuck inside your head
But now it's too late, and I'm too lost
To ever put the pieces back where they belong

Couldn't save
The little bit we had left
You crushed me like a wave
When I was just trying to catch my breath
I know it isn't easy
Not like it ever really was
Am I in all your bad dreams
The kind that keep you up at night when you try to sleep

I hope you finally find what you need
to get better
Track Name: Temporary
Seems you left me hanging by a thread
How you wanted
Wrapped it nice and tight around my neck
Don't cut me down
I see you in the corner of my eye
Can't make you out, but not yet out of sight

You're like the winter the way you make me freeze
Drain the color out of all my leaves
This December got the best of me
Everything is temporary

I keep my fingers crossed behind my back
Cause a promise
Is easier to break than keep in tact
I have my doubts
I'll ever get to see the sky again
And that doesn't bother me a bit
Track Name: Late at Night
Late at night
I still see it all again
The marks you left are still scratched into my skin
Late at night I still hear everything
That I should have said
Didn't expect to fall right off the edge

I'm letting it burn
So get what you deserve
I'm hoping it hurts
So you know what I felt, know what I felt
Won't take it back

Late at night
My mind it moves too fast
Can't keep up with all my bitterness
Late at night
I wish that I was dead
I can't stand it
Tried to pretend, but I guess this is the end

I hate the person you are
I fucking hate the person you are

Late at night I still see the marks you left
Late at night I still hear everything
Track Name: Wandering
This life is slowly killing me
But I don't want your sympathy
I did this to myself
You've heard it before
Such a tragedy
But when push came to shove
I was just dumb enough
To let it all fall away

I know someday no one here will care about me
Replaced and then forgot
A distant memory
Everybody has to change but I never wanted to
I never wanted to leave

There's a part of me that I never show
I left it by the side of the road
Don't care if you don't understand
Those days are gone
And we're alone
I guess I've always been fucked
And Life's hard enough
So Good fucking luck

I'll keep wandering
I know where I belong but how do I get there?
I won't be missed by anyone
I turn my back on everyone.